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Welcome to the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION webpage, a forum dedicated to the study of the entertainment industry. The Associationís primary goal and purpose is the gathering and sharing of information concerning the entertainment industry. The organization is a Cyber Roundtable that provides a nerve center for people interested in the entertainment industry from a North American perspective. The mutual sharing of knowledge is encouraged as a means of broadening this exciting field of study. Internet links are available and sources for research materials. The Associationís data banks and network of contacts provide unique and valuable information to artists, entertainment professionals, students, and anyone else interested in learning about the entertainment industry.

Participants benefit from the organizationís stimulating think-tank atmosphere and lively exchange of opinions. Its laboratory of ideas, consisting of objective and subjective intellectual exchanges and exercises, help advance the general study of the entertainment industry. Participants are encouraged to share with the Association any entertainment related information and knowledge. In addition, special emphasis and focus is directed to field research and reports, historical antecedents and archeological studies. The Association also devotes much attention to the investigation, interpretation, commentary, and translation, of submissions regarding the lives of common and prominent artists, entertainers, performers, entertainment industry pioneers, builders, entrepreneurs, innovators, technicians, and inventors who helped transform the entertainment industry.

Information is collected, recorded, shared, and disseminated via the Internet, telephone, fax, postal service, and in person. All viewpoints and contributions of information and knowledge are welcome.

The Entertainment Industry Association wishes to pay homage to the many associations, organizations, and medical researchers dedicated to the understanding, educating, informing, researching, rehabilitating, and curing of hearing disorders. Entertainers, in particular, should better appreciate the miracle of hearing; it being one of the delicate human senses that must be protected and cherished. Please visit our Links page for information on this topic.

Music History Association

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Entertainment Lawyer - Author - Historian - Radio Host - En Français - Links - BACK - MarkVinet.com

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