Mark Vinet is the fluently bilingual (English-French) host of PERSPECTIVES, a general variety radio program on CHOD-FM 92.1 Cornwall (reaching the greater Ottawa region and the West Island of Montreal) & distributed to the RFA/ARCQ network (28 stations). He is also the producer and host of ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY CHRONICLES (EIC), a radio program accessed by the WMRP network (26 stations). Both programs focus on up-to-date entertainment industry news, events and product releases including: DVDs, television, films, music, video games, theatre, fashion, arts & culture, and books.
Mark is the author of the new books titled:
ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY: The Business of Music, Books, Movies, TV, Radio, Internet, Video Games, Theater, Fashion, Sports, Art, Merchandising, Copyright, Trademarks & Contracts and EVOLUTION OF MODERN POPULAR MUSIC: A history of Blues, Jazz, Country, R&B, Rock and Rap. His writings are standard reading materials in North American Universities and Colleges.

Sample MP3 segments of Perspectives: SAMPLE #1 - #2 - #3 - #4


PERSPECTIVES     CHOD-FM 92.1     Les Rendez-Vous Historiques
RFA - le Réseau francophone d'Amérique
ARCQ - L'Association des radiodiffuseurs communautaires du Québec
NCRA - National Campus and Community Radio Association
CSIRP - Canadian Society for Independent Radio Production
IASTAR : International Association of Student Television And Radio
CRU - La Coalition des radio universitaires du Québec
FFRE - La Fédération française des radios étudiantes (Réseau des Radios Campus)
ARC du Canada - L'Alliance des radios communautaires du Canada


Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Canada
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment Canada
Paramount Home Entertainment
PBS Home Video
Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Walt Disney
Random House Audio
W.W. Norton
Harper Collins Publishers
Random House Books
McClelland & Stewart
Simon & Schuster
Michelin Travel Publications
Ulysses Travel Guides
Pilot Productions (Travel DVDs)
Harper Collins Audio/Print
CBC Television
CTV Television
Global Television
Vermont Public Television (PBS)
University of Toronto Press

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